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Who needs a smokin’ hot firefighter to steam up her Kindle?! SKIN DEEP IS 99 CENTS!
SKIN DEEP is on sale for only 99 cents for a very limited time! If you want to catch up on Station Seventeen, *now* is the time to dive in! Read on for the details!
Where there’s smoke…
For firefighter Kellan Walker, checking his emotions at the door doesn’t just keep him on the level. It keeps him alive. A gut-wrenching find at the scene of a blaze threatens to blow his ironclad composure, but when the detective assigned to the case is the same woman who put his sister’s life at risk three months ago, all bets for Kellan being calm, cool, or collected are definitely off.
There’s bound to be fire…
Keeping people safe is Isabella Moreno’s number one priority, no matter how tough the case. Working without solid leads and with the gorgeous, broody firefighter who believes she’s responsible for endangering his sister on a previous case isn’t ideal. But someone is hurting women in the here and now. Isabella will do whatever it takes to find justice.
As Kellan and Isabella reluctantly team up to catch a criminal, they realize they have more in common than they’d ever imagined. With every move, the stakes grow higher and the passion sizzles hotter, but can they race against the clock and the odds to catch a killer? Or will they lose their hearts–and their lives?
99 cents for a limited time!
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2aAStCP
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DEEP BURN (out June 13):
Firefighter Shae McCullough is all-in, all the time. When her reckless response at a fire earns her a two-week penance filing paperwork for the arson investigation unit, the rules and routines are enough to bore her senseless. But the discovery of a possible arson at a murder scene has her instincts fired up, and when Shae is assigned to assist Remington’s elite intelligence unit with their investigation, she’s all too ready to jump in with both boots first.
To tech and surveillance expert James Capelli, logic isn’t just a job requirement, it’s a way of life. He’s less than thrilled to work with Shae, whose impulsiveness threatens his sanity and whose curves threaten his composure. Despite their differences, they uncover a case bigger than anyone could have expected—along with an attraction that burns deep.
But this killer is no stranger, and Capelli’s got a dark past. Can he and Shae outsmart a ruthless murderer, or will his secrets bury them both?
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2r9RHaE
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Riley knew where her life was going; she had it all planned out.

Jace was just trying to find the light in his world of darkness.

When Riley walked into Jace’s life, she was so pure, she was blinding. His life was filled with darkness and danger. No matter how hard he tried to fight his way out, he was lost and only her light could bring him back.

Riley knew that she should stay away from Jace, but his charm and good looks couldn’t be fought against. He claimed her from the minute their eyes met.

Jace wasn’t Riley’s prince charming. He was dark, mysterious, and full of secrets. Secrets that were just waiting to be revealed.

He knew that once Riley found out the truth, she would be gone forever, but he didn’t have a choice.

He had to save her.

How far would you go to save someone you love?

**The following story contains mature themes, strong language, violence, drinking, drugs, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature adults. Reader desecration is advised**

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Finding-You-Darkness-K
iBooks https://itunes.apple.com/
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Kobo https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/finding-you-in-the-darkness
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Finding You in the Darkness Trailer

Izzy Caliendo is a wild child. Born into a rich family, she uses her status as a pampered princess to avoid work, play the field and live her life the way she wants.

Until Gunner Mann comes along, anyway.

Gunner, hired by Izzy’s brother, Marc, to decode their grandfather’s secret files, is mysterious, dangerous and doesn’t bow down to Izzy’s wild ways.

When Marc traps these two in the basement together to finish the files, sparks start to fly. After Izzy finds out about her own file and is confronted with confusion about her past, she turns to Gunner for help. But Gunner is running from his own past and doesn’t want to involve anyone—especially a Caliendo woman. He is so close to freedom—how can he turn back now?

The more time he and Izzy spent together, however, makes it harder and harder for either of them to walk away. Will they simply finish the files and go their separate ways or will deceit, lies and secrecy actually bring these two people from opposite worlds together?

Rich, Wild, Pampered. Mysterious, dark…dangerous
Read the first two chapters here: http://www.shannynleah.com/sunset-flare.php

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The final book in the Broken Pieces Series – This series has been a wonderful journey and this last book is no exception. I’m a little sad to see it end, but I can’t wait to share Syn’s story with you.

As the last unattached member of the Nolan family, Syn is ready to risk everything for a mission he’s been assigned to. He’s military born and bred. He loves two things – his country and his family. When it comes to love, he’s kept his distance. He’s watched his brother and his cousin settle down with families of their own and he’s more than content to play a role in their lives, but not give his heart away to any one woman.

Journey Valeur has had nothing but heartbreak. She fell for the wrong man, blindly following him, and it cost her dearly. She has no intent on ever giving her heart away again. Now, she’s hell-bent on revenge, but she has become the hunted, wanted for murder. She’s kept herself well-hidden, deep in the mountains of Utah, until one man is sent to find her.

Syn meets a beautiful woman on a train on the way to his mission. She lights a fire in him like he’s never felt before. They have a brief encounter, but he lets her go to stay focused on the mission at hand. Little does he know, their paths will cross again.

Syn has to decide whether or not to trust the story Journey is telling him. If he chooses to believe her, his mission becomes lethal for both of them. Syn will put everyone he loves at risk and his own life on the line for her. To save her, he will dodge bullets, cross borders, and defend her against a high-ranking military official. He’s taking on a deadly game that could easily be his demise.

Journey will have to make a choice to go it alone or trust a man again or be forced back into a life of terror.

Buy on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Syns-Broken-Journey-Pieces-Book-ebook/dp/B06ZZPM55V/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Pieces of Gray has a 4.9 Star rating on amazon. Check out some of the fantastic reviews.
Want to sample it first? Download the first five chapters at https://www.instafreebie.com/free/ZDJ0z

Would you risk your life for someone that you love? Would you risk theirs?

Gray Milby was a badass sniper in the Army. She was held captive deep in the jungles of China for two years. She left behind the only man she has ever loved believing that he was dead until now. She risks her life and others to rescue him, returning to the place where her own nightmares come from.

Captain Kell Crew has survived four years of torture, being held captive in a cage. Physically he survived, mentally he will never be the same man that Gray remembers. In order for him to survive again, she has to make the choice of giving him up once more.

A year later they accidently meet again and Kell is drawn to every part of her being. He feels he remembers Pieces of Gray, but how is that possible when he has never met her before? All he knows is that he wants her.

Gray has tried everything to move on with her life and forget about her love for Kell. He forces his way back into her life and she can no longer push him away. Her love for him is too deep. Being with him risks his own life. Their love for each can destroy them both.

Someone else is lurking out there waiting to seek revenge. He just might kill them both.

amazon http://amzn.to/1mU6Y9p
Draft2digital for universal link to buy on other platforms https://www.books2read.com/u/m0zP1P
Google Play http://bit.ly/2o9LdUb

Ana Winters is a beautiful, but somewhat socially awkward, seventeen-year-old, who has had a crush on her friend, star quarterback and heartthrob Kellin James, ever since they met at Lincoln High. When the charming, enigmatic, and devastatingly handsome Calix Night shows up at the school, Ana finds herself suddenly and quite unexpectedly the subject of a rivalry between Kellin and Calix as the two vie for her affection.

But Ana has more pressing problems in the form of blinding headaches, strange dreams, visions, and possible hallucinations, including something flitting through her mirror and her hands bursting into flames. After Calix saves Ana from an army of shadowy, supernatural creatures, he relates a story that sounds like a fairy tale, complete with evil kings, warring knights, and a princess named Analia. Is it mere coincidence that his tale is nearly identical to Ana’s frightening dreams and visions and that her name is so similar to the princess in the tale?

Could Ana really be royalty from another world who is being protected by—or perhaps is the prey of—two others from that world in the form of Kellin and Calix? And if so, why? Could it be true that she was sent to Earth Realm to keep her from a man who is almost literally her other half, the darkness to her light and the death to her life, because their union would create unimaginable powers that could be used for evil—and maybe good?

Stylish, atmospheric, and fast-paced, Oracle is a true page-turner that will keep you up all night, eager to uncover the next clue to Ana’s destiny.


Gone was the man Jake Summers had become; in his place, there were only questions . . .

After having been abducted from an FBI operation, Jake Summers wakes up the victim of an explosion in London a week later. He is perhaps the sole witness to the start of a massive terrorist plot, but his memory of the event–and of the last twelve years of his life–have been erased.

Jake’s not sure if he can be the man he once was to help the government stop another attack. But when MI6 agent Alexa Ryan shows up needing his help, Jake begins to recall some of his past. And some of those memories include her.

Alexa Ryan has been keeping secrets since the day she became an MI6 agent, and the life of a spy–no social life, no love life–is beginning to wear. When she’s ordered to share her true identity with the one man she didn’t think she’d ever see again–a man who doesn’t even remember her–she’s conflicted about how much to reveal about their past. For more than a year she has been struggling to take down a notorious cyber-terrorist group, whose leader seeks retribution against America and Britain. Alexa doesn’t have time to work a new operation involving Jake . . . even though everything inside of her begs to be near him.

When Alexa discovers a link between her cyber case and Jake’s disappearance, the two agents are drawn together to fight a common enemy. But will Jake reclaim his memories in time to stop the attack? And will Alexa be able to open her heart once more to the man she had thought was lost?

#OneClick here:
Amazon (all countries): hyperurl.co/oxo3ho
Apple (all countries): hyperurl.co/g2hp6p
Nook: http://bit.ly/2nYSlmT
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2ocXebg
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2nPBaXZ
*Paperback coming soon



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For those unfamiliar with the term, when an author calls their book ‘wide’ it means that the book is available on retailers other than Amazon. We’ve been asked…so here you go! For all those readers out there who want to buy on another retailer! (Amazon too) this is the page for you!
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Pre-order link: https://www.amazon.com/Our-Last-Chance-Forever-Book-ebook/dp/B06X9Y3FHL/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1489677213&sr=8-3&keywords=kb+andrews

Description: Overcoming everything that was meant to tear them apart, Mason and Lennox thought they had it all. Their lives blend together seamlessly as they work to rebuild the shop and plan their perfect wedding. It seems like they might get their chance at forever after all.
But forever is never within reach when someone is trying to steal it all away from you. Chris will stop at nothing to get his hands on Lennox. He’s tired of the game they’ve been playing and he’s playing to win. Even Mason’s overprotective ways can’t save Lennox this time.
Will Chris finally take Lennox away from Mason once and for all or will someone be lost trying to escape the dangers that await them?
**Disclaimer: The following story contains mature themes, strong language, violence, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature adults. Reader discretion is advised**