Pieced Together

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Book 2 in the Broken Pieces Series

I knew my life was too f*cked up for Kyren, but what I didn’t expect was his demons to be worse than mine.

The intensity between us was too much to ever forget.  My body still craves his touch on my skin and now that he’s back, he thinks he can waltz into my life with his sexy ways and take what he wants. 

Over my dead body! The jokes on him because I’m not the woman he remembers.  And, why does he have to be so damn intoxicating?  I want to walk away.  No…I need to walk away.

I will not let him ruin me! Besides, I’ve given my heart to someone else who will never break it and when Kyren finds out…he may crush all of us beyond repair.

I can’t let that happen no matter how much I still want him.Certififed HEA