Piece by Piece

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Steel Nolan

I’m half a man and I want to be left alone. Why can’t anyone F*cking understand that? My job in the military is the only thing that keeps me going and allows me to work from my fortress.

Now, I’m being forced on a mission that will expose me and possibly destroy my seclusion. If I rescue the woman I used to love, she will want more than I can give her. There are only pieces of me left and none of them are pretty.

I’ll save her, then I’ll push her away.

Adyson Cage

I don’t need to be rescued, Steel is the one that needs to be saved…from himself.

His cold-hearted facade doesn’t fool me one bit. The whole man is still underneath, and I intend on freeing him even if it breaks my heart…or kills me.

I’ll save him, then I’ll get him back.

Certified HEA with Hot Alpha Hero

Book 3 in the Broken Pieces Series