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Today is the release day for Rekindled by C.J. McKella! I am so excited to share this contemporary romance with you! Check it out and enter her giveaway today!


About Rekindled:

Callie Winters left Idaho seven years ago, shrouded in secrets and lies, and vowed to never look back. Walking away from the only boy she ever truly loved, Callie works hard to forge a new life for herself. Waking one day to find herself homeless and penniless, she returns to Idaho where she finds a man in place of the boy she loved so long ago.

Tate Corbin spends his days jumping fires, trying to forget the girl who obliterated his heart seven years ago. Happy at last, Tate is ready to move on with a new love, but doubt takes seed when a ghost from his past returns. He vowed to never let her in again, but the embers of the past begin to burn hotter than ever before.

As the friendship is rekindled, secrets are revealed and new threats surface. Second chances are meant to be a way to start over- but how far do you go to protect it?






Exclusive Excerpt:

He grins at me and takes a step closer, reaching out for my hand and pulling it to his lips, kissing my knuckles. “Callie, I’m sorry,” he says, his breath feathering across my skin. “I didn’t mean what I said that day, back at the stadium.”

“Then why did you say it?”

He sighs and closes his eyes. “Because I’m an idiot. I saw that guy in his fancy suit with his expensive watch and gelled hair, and I was jealous. I looked at him and all I could see was Zach, and I panicked. You deserve the moon and the stars, and I’m never going to be that guy who can give you all those things.

“Tate, I don’t need someone to buy me pretty things. I had that, and you know what I learned? That it’s a very lonely existence. I had more jewelry than I knew what to do with, more shoes than I could wear in a month, but you know what I didn’t have? I didn’t have someone to share my day with as we lay in bed. I didn’t have someone whose kisses breathed life into my soul, and who made me feel alive.”

“And do you have that now?” he asks as he leans forward and rests his forehead against mine, his lips just millimeters away from my own. “Do you have someone who makes your heart want to keep beating?”

“I think I’m getting there. This guy I’m sort of dating is pretty incredible. You’d like him, he’s a smokejumper and a mechanic, and a pretty damn good kisser.”

“Only pretty good?”

“Eh, I’ve had better.”

“Is that so? We’ll see about that.”

His fingers fly out and grip the edges of my robe, pulling me closer to him as his lips press into mine. He nips at my bottom lip with his teeth and a moan slips out as my lips part, letting his tongue tease mine. Our tongues move against each other as my hands rake through his hair while pressing myself against his body, needing to be close to him. He smells like smoke and aftershave and it’s taking all my resolve not to rip off all this clothes and straddle him here on the kitchen floor. He pulls my bottom lip into his mouth and sucks on it making my head dizzy with need. When he pulls away, I whimper and I see a gleam of satisfaction in his eyes. His kisses set my heart on fire, and it’s the most delicious burn I’ve ever known.

About Author:

C.J. McKella is a romance writer living beneath the hot Arizona sun with her husband and their cat, Kaylie. She devotes her days to working, and her nights writing, allowing the characters in her head to come to life. When not working or writing, she can be found reading, binge-watching Netflix, or playing video games. A romantic at heart, she has a love for stories, and all things ending in happily ever after.

C.J. McKella loves to meet new people. Stop by and say hello!

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