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Broken Pieces

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Taking Down Brooklyn

Say You Won’t Let Go

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Life Goes On - Book Three is my newest Now Available!

Life Goes on is Book 3 in my Epic Romance Series - They are all standalone reads.

Happy go lucky Olivia McDill adores her fairy-tale life, married to the man of her dreams. It’s a love that should’ve lasted a lifetime…then in the blink of an eye, everything changed.

She learns too quickly that life can be unfair, and she’s left trying to pick up the pieces and make sense of things on her own.

She’s angry, heartbroken, and no longer wants to face her days, but with the help of a friend and someone totally unexpected, she’s inspired to find her way.

She soon learns Life Goes Oneven when you don’t want it to.

Gypsy - Book Four in the Epic Romance Series is coming soon.

How do you unbreak the broken? Can you ever love them enough?

That’s what Jameson Wilde has asked himself a million times since he laid eyes on Lyla Flynn. She has the voice of an angel but a darkness consuming her soul.

He’s in a position to help make her a star. She’s hidden behind the heartbreak of her music for so long, she’s afraid to really be free and let the world hear her voice.

Jameson gets lost in their overpowering passion and forgets the darkness inside of her. Lyla holds her secrets close…a crack in her heart that will never heal.

Her newfound fame risks exposing her secrets, causing that crack to shatter.

Fated Lives Series:

Rebel’s Retribution Books 1-4

Fated Lives Series: Three shorts stories of how fate connected their lives.

Derrick Rebel: Captain of the Seal Team: The Gunners.

Theo Drake: The youngest and only surviving member of The Gunners.

Fallon Davis: An innocent bystander, thrusted into a world she never knew existed.

Book 4:

Rebel’s Retaliation

As the leader of his Seal Team: Derrick Rebel has lost everything, betrayed by the woman he loved. He’s become a man without purpose. Until…the one surviving member of his team pushes him to help a woman in need.

Joining forces, they form a task team in honor of the men that were lost. They hurtle themselves deep into a criminal organization marketing men, women, and children. Anyone is fair game.

To destroy the organization, one will become the criminal, the other will be forced to confront unfinished business from his past. One of themwill never be the same.

Coming March 2019

Coffee, Tea, or Me

This is part of a multi-author series – Single on Valentines day. There are 13 books in all and are all standalones.

This Valentine’s Day being single is all the rage. At least that’s what the website, Single Status says and they’re not trying to set you up with your special someone. But, instead, give you the time of your life. Sign up a family member, a friend or join yourself. Single Status will send an anonymous letter with details of an activity for the day. #ValentinesDayIsntJustForCouples.

Read stories from 13 of your favorite authors in this brand new Valentine’s series. Follow characters as they receive instructions from Single Status and navigate their love lives in tales of varying degrees of romantic heat.

Grab one a day from February 1-13th

New Series with Shannyn Leah - The Crazy Rich Davenports.
This will be like a Netflix series with seasons.
It is completely different from all my other books. Not a romance book. It’s a comedy about a completely dysfunctional family.

Dare To Enter

Hot Mess

The Loon

F%#king Screwed

Don’t Wake the Dead

Then There Were Four

I Promise to Obey Nothing

Boos & Booze