Syn’s Broken Journey

Book 5 in the Broken Pieces Series

Syn Nolan - AKA Gorgeous lethal man.

I’m the last hold out.  I’ve watched my brother and cousin settle down and start families of their own.  That’s not for me. I’ve never been a one woman kind of man and I have no intention of changing my wild ways.

I’m born an bred military.  I love two things - my country and family.  I’m as loyal as the come, until a wild cat red-head plants her beautiful pouty lips on me.  My head is still spinning, but I’m focused on a mission and I can’t let her derail me.

I’m hunting a killer. There is no time for a one night stand.

Journey Valeur - AKA - Wild cat red-head.

Wow, I just saw the most gorgeous lethal man I’ve ever seen.  I had to taste him. I knew I’d never see him again, so I boldly kissed his delicious lips.

I didn’t stick around because I’m being hunted, but I couldn’t pass him up. He was definitely a man on a mission, and I’m a woman on the run.

Running is all I’ve ever done. I’ve made one bad decision after another that’s led me to who I am.

I’m a killer, there’s no time to sit still.

Certified HEA - If you love hot alpha military men - you won’t want to miss out on this book.

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