Whiskey River Road Series

Meet the Calhouns - a cattle ranching/horse racing family from Salt Lick, Kentucky.

Clem Calhoun, aka Runaway Bride

Clem was a young woman when she ran away from the only life she’d ever known. She thought she wanted more than being a rancher’s youngest daughter. Not only did she leave her family behind, but she left the only man she’s ever loved at the alter - Boone Methany.

She returns home to make amends, but the Calhoun’s are not going to make it easy on her, neither is Boone, who is engaged to be married.

Clem is hilarious and dirty-minded and gets herself in more trouble than she bargains for with her antics. The one thing she does know is that she’s still in love with Boone.

Bear Calhoun

Bear Calhoun is the fun-loving, guitar playing, breaking all the rules kinda cowboy. He’s a ladies man that met up with the wrong woman. His road to the straight and narrow is his sassy six-year-old, Missy Calhoun. He’s the second in line for the black sheep’s role in the family, squarely behind his baby sister Clem.

Missy Calhoun

Fall head over heels with Missy. She’s a sassy six-year-old that will steal your heart.

Ellie Calhoun

Ellie Calhoun is not the sweet, innocent sister that Clem remembers. She’s ball busting, badass, that takes no shit. She doesn’t love just one man, she loves them all. She’s smart as a whip and handles the ranch finances.

Wyatt Calhoun

Wyatt is the oldest Calhoun sibling. He’s an attorney and a pain in the ass to Clem when she first returns home. He wants her gone! He’s the tightest with his father and he doesn’t want Clem to take that away. When it comes down to it, family is family and he’ll protect Clem like the others.

Chet Calhoun

Chet Calhoun is a hard-ass, rifle totting, rancher. He’s hard-working and fierce. One rule - don’t mess with his family - only he’s allowed screw with them. He’s still angry at Clem when she shows up on their porch seven years later. So angry in fact, he takes aim at her and her best friend Ethan. He makes her work her way back into his good graces.

He’s no saint and he has secrets of his own that may just destroy his family and risk losing the ranch.

Amelia Calhoun

Amelia Calhoun is the real backbone of the Calhoun family. She’s the only one that can keep her grumpy husband in line. She’s sweet, but firm when she needs to be. She’s missed Clem like crazy and welcomes her with open arms. She gives her advice but doesn’t coddle her. She’s got southern charm and sayings that will make you laugh.

Boone Methany

Boone Methany is that man that runs the ranch and trains the race horses. He’s like a son to Chet, and his runaway daughter broke his heart. He’s family as much as the other Calhoun’s and Chet warns Clem to stay away from him. He’s engaged to another woman and she needs to leave well enough alone.

Problem is, Boone is still in love with Clem. He convinces himself to stay away from her, she’s trouble. He knows her well and how she thinks, and it will drive him crazy.

Whiskey River Road: Coming Home, Book 1

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