Daisy/Slutty Pepper/Tommy


Daisy looks so sweet but she’s a handful for Ford. She’s five years older than him and drives him insane. She holds Ford’s heart. She’s the keeper of the littles (Bryant and Bets). She has multiple personalities that keeps everyone on their toes and readers in stitches.

Height: Depends on who she is - Daisy/Slutty Pepper/Tommy

Birthdays: I’m pretty sure she has at least 3 maybe 4.

Hobbies: Keeping everyone on their toes.

Work: Nanny, but only when she’s Daisy.

Love Interest: Ford Davenport

Siblings: Deceased

Parents: She killed her father, mother unknown whereabouts.

Fun fact:

Slutty Pepper is a teenage girl who loves to seduce Ford or any other man into her bed. She’s the wild side that Daisy never had.

Tommy the Zombie Slayer - is the protector of all of Daisy’s personalities. He secretly loves the Davenports, especially Yaya.

When Daisy is Tommy - she thinks she has boy parts. LOL

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