Rescue Mission Series

Book 1 - Standalone
Book 2 Standalone


 I’m SO NOT over her sexy mouth. Too bad she has enough defiance in her to hate my guts.

Never, EVER go into business with the woman whose heart you shattered.  I’ve lost my ever-loving mind!

I fell for Aedon Thatcher years ago, the moment I laid eyes on her.

Her beauty, brains, and “I don’t give a damn” attitude were irresistible. 

I thought I had my future all figured out, down to the names of our children. Then I screwed it all up.  My ego, which perched higher than your average Joe, became the monster that ate away at her love for me.

I went from her hero to an evil villain that she ran from.  I couldn’t blame her…I hated me too.

Now our venture together puts us in the same place every day. A sweet second chance. Too bad she still loathes me. At least that’s what her sexy lips say. Her body says something totally different, and I plan on taking advantage of every inch she gives me.

Blind Revenge

What do you do when your life takes on a tragic chain of events?

Do you let rage and revenge consume you?

I did, and now I’m lost. I’ve let it change me into a man I no longer recognize, drowning in my own self-pity.
With only revenge on my mind, I’m a dead man walking, waiting until the day I can get even.
I’ve watched, waited, and planned for months…until…a spitfire little blonde sits on the bench next to me.

She wants more than I have to give her, but what she gives me in return is more than I expected or wanted.

I give in to her, knowing I’m still hell bent on revenge. Then she discovers a secret that will make my world unravel further.

Now it’s up to me to decide my fate and if I will ever be whole again. 

If I will ever be able to love again.

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