Yaya - Eleanor Miller


Yaya is the matriarch of the family. She’s not your typical sweet grandmother. She’s rich, but acts like she’s poor and finds creative ways to make money. She loves colored wigs, black nail polish and bright red lipstick. She is one of the funnest characters either one of us has ever written. Oh, yeah, did I mention she sells viagra on the street and to her friends at the retirement center? Her antics land her in jail more times than either of us can count. Underneath all her craziness, is a woman who loves her family, even though she’s rough on them and loves to give them all not so nice nicknames. She’d do anything for them, but how she goes about it is always up for a good laugh.

Height: Shorter than she used to be.

Birthday: May 15th, Age - she would kill us if we told you, Taurus (say no more)

Hobbies: Monday Mixers, Sex addict, Pops, picking on her grandchildren, and fighting with Tommy.

Work: Selling street drugs and anything else she can come up with to make money.

Car: Moped, and who’s ever else she can borrow, she’s too cheap to buy her own.

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