Ford Davenport

Ford Davenport

Ford - is the oldest of Lucy’s children. He’s in college, very smart, and handsome, but his downfall is his love for Daisy - the nanny, who has many secrets. Ford has taken on the roll of his father in trying to keep his family together and out of trouble, but trouble seems to follow him at every step. His pissed off at his father for the mess he left all of them in and fights constantly with Tommy.

Height: 5’10

Birthday: February 14th, age: 20, Sign: Aquarius

Hobbies: Riding his Motorcycle and Reading

Work: Part owner of a strip club he inherited from his deceased father.

Love Interest: Daisy, who comes along with a lot of crazy.

Parents: Mark and Lucy Davenport

Siblings: Gemma, Erik, Evan, Bryant, and Bets

Enemies: Tommy the zombie hunter, and one yet to be mentioned.

Car: Truck and Motorcycle

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