Meet the Davenports

Welcome to the strangely wild and funny series - The Crazy Rich Davenports. This is a fictional family that lives in the minds of myself and author Shannyn Leah.

It all started from a late night conversation between the two of us. It went something like this:

“Hey, you want to write a crazy book together?” Shannyn asks.

“Yeah!” I answer.

That’s it, end of story, or should I say it was the beginning of the Davenports? It’s the wildest thing I’ve ever taken on and I’ve loved every moment of it. So, if you’re up for it, start out with meeting the characters. Each book is written in multiple POV’s. We both think you will fall in love with each and everyone of them.

If you love sexy scenes, a bit of bad behavior, and don’t mind bad language - you are in the right place.

They are a rich family that lives in the wealthy town of Arbour’s Crown on the New England Coast.

Keep in mind, the following character pictures are who I picture playing the roles of these characters.  Feel free to invision whoever you want.

Who you will meet on this crazy ride: Click on their names to go to their profiles.

Lucy Davenport and her dysFUNctional family.

Ford, Gemma, Erik, Evan, Bryant, and Bets (The Davenport children)

Maxwell & Eleanor Miller, aka Pops and Yaya

Daisy/Slutty Pepper/Tommy - The Nanny

Vinny & Roxy - The porn director neighbors

Daniel & Elizabeth Davenport - the Inlaws

Cash Davenport - the brother in law.

Cowboy Troy - Lucy’s love interest

Rye - the Gardner

Roscoe - the family pet.

Kitty the giraffe.

Sit back, fix yourself a drink, and enjoy the insane craziness of the Davenports!

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