Say You Won’t Let Go

Book 1 in the Epic Love Stories Series - Standalone

Fate can either be your friend or it can be your worst enemy!
In my case, it’s been both.

Loving someone and losing them turned my world upside down.
Now fate has dealt me a sweet hand and I plan on claiming what is mine.

In searching for someone else, I found my heart again, but this time the fight for my life begins. And by my life, I mean my heart, the one that’s been frozen in my chest for the past twelve years. It’s found a meaning to beat again.

But, fate isn’t quite as kind as I thought. Things aren’t always as they seem. That would be too easy and nothing has ever been easy for me.

This guitar-strumming man will have to turn on the charm for love to find its way again.

All the books in the Epic Love Stories Series are standalone. The only thing they have in common is that they are romance stories.

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