Members of the SEAL team: The Gunners (Fated Lives Series)

Captain Derrick Rebel

Derrick Rebel was the Captain for the SEAL team The Gunners. He’s a typical badass leader, but he’s a broken man. The woman he loved betrayed him in the worst way possible at the cost of his team. It took him awhile but he finally got his act together, and now he’s the leader of The Gunners again, but a different team with a different mission. His focus now is on US soil and keeping it’s citizens safe. He found his heart again with Fallon Davis. He met her on their first mission and was unable to let her go. Rebel may be a hard ass when it comes to his job, but the way he loves will have you drooling.

Fallon Davis

Fallon Davis is an innocent woman who gets thrown into a world of crime. All she ever wanted was to save her sister, but in doing so, she became the hunted. Rebel took her case on for his first mission. No matter how much of an ass he was to her to keep her at arms length, in the end, he couldn’t resist falling in love with her. Fallon is sweet, sexy, a successful business woman, and likes her independence, which may prove to get in the way of the alpha male SEAL that’s in love with her.

Petty Officer Theo Drake is a young man who was dealt a bad hand in life, but turned it around when he joined the Navy and became a SEAL. He was the sniper for The Gunners lead by Captain Derrick Rebel. He’s the only surviving member of the team other than Rebel. He didn’t come out in one piece. He lost his right arm, but he never let it slow him down. Theo was a carefree, fun loving guy until he met Fiona and lost her. Now, he’s angry and his only focus is on finding her.

Portrait of a Gorgeous Fit Bald Young Man, Showing his Sexy Body, Standing in a Rustic Building with Both Hands on his Waist and Looking at the Camera.

Lawson Reed is the civilian of the bunch. He grew up with Rebel as his protector. Now he needs no protecting from anyone. He’s the trainer for The Gunners. All new recruits go through brutal physical training with him before they’re allowed to go undercover. He’s a ladies man, but a loner by choice. He has one great heartache in his life - the daughter he never knew. Lawson’s past will eventually catch up with him.

Fiona Petit.

Fiona Petit has lived the lives of nightmares. She was stolen into a world she didn’t know existed and sold repeatedly because of her defiance. Her short time with Theo made her think that her freedom would actually come, only to be taken again. She’ out there somewhere, and Theo won’t stop until he finds her.

Characters yet to meet:

Dr. Lauryn Ruth - Team Psychologist

Honor Sanchez - Rebel’s new assistant

Thorn Beckham - The newest sexy member of the SEAL team. He’s massive in size and attitude, but keeps to himself. His secrets are yet to unfold. But, he’s one badass SEAL you want on your side. He’s a six foot four wall of power. Smoking hot body with emerald eyes that will melt our heart.

New Member of the SEAL team Thorn Beckham.
Sean Rebel - Derricks brother, owner of Sean’s Place Bar where they all met.

Harley Tate - female new recruit. Speciality, forensic science.

Ronan Maddox, aka Mad Dog - recruit in charge of weaponry.

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