Acting Happy by Rylie Roberts


Acting Happy, the much anticipated sequel to the #1 international bestselling novel, Chasing Happy,
is now available.

Ty Bateman isn’t as bad as the tabloids say, but being virtually imprisoned behind the windowless walls of his home to avoid the clicking cameras of a life of extreme celebrity will turn anyone jaded and distrustful. Needing a break from his tainted reality, he decides his secluded mountain cabin is the perfect place for an extended vacation from the madness. Rejuvenating his soul and making decisions about his future are his top priorities until he spots a blonde beauty in short-shorts carrying groceries out of the only store in town.

Kenzie Stanton learned the hard way that rainbows and fairy tales don’t exist. She swears if she ever gets back on her feet, and out of the hot water her ex landed her in, she’ll embrace a new life that’s relationship-free. When a tall, handsome man with sexy eyes and a smoking-hot body shows up in her family’s store, she has no trouble ignoring him…until his kindness and genuine nature truly test her resolve.

Kenzie and Ty are both hiding out in the mountains…for very different reason. But reality will only wait so long before it knocks on their doors. Even if Ty can break through Kenzie’s barriers, he’s not entirely sure his hurt beauty can withstand the mental brutality of being in the celebrity spotlight. For these two damaged souls, does the possibility of failure weigh to heavily to seek more from life than acting happy?

Acting Happy
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