Cover Reveal for Fading Into Nothing releasing 7.10.2018

Contemporary/Suspense Romance with a twist you will never see coming.

Meet Will and Mags and fall in love with their story.

You never know what lies beneath the surface of our souls until you’re fighting to exist.

My life is at a stand still as I watch it all fade by. It’s the most beautiful, and yet, tragic thing I’ve ever seen. I lost everything, and I mean everything. But a single moment can change who we are. It can make or break you.

When Will Taylor sits down next to me, he totally derails my plans. His cocky assurance makes me laugh, and he begins to make me hope.

Now, I measure my life minute by minute and I cherish every moment with him, because I know it won’t last long. Nothing ever does for me.

Will Taylor wants me.

Will Taylor loves me.

But will he keep me from Fading Into Nothing, or will I be left to save myself?

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