Great review by friend on Goodreads

Brogan Milby, 26-Nurse practitioner at a plastic surgeon’s office. Believes herself unlovable, unworthy, she hates affection and emotions. Sees a therapist regularly to help her deal with her tragic childhood. Doesn’t do relationships and prefers to be in control sexually because of her past. She’s sarcastic, a ball-buster, damaged and broken.”
“This is why I am alone. I have yet to learn to control my demons.”

“Kyren Nolan, 32-Yacht builder. Ex-military. He’s sweet, sexy and charismatic but plagued by his own demons.”
” Kyren bursts into Brogan’s life and breaks down the walls she’s erected around herself. Kyren isn’t put off by her issues but goes after what he wants. Just as Brogan begins to heal and has found peace & happiness for the first time, someone tries to destroy it.”

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