ARC REVIEW by Savannah Molinowski

This was from an ARC Reviewer.
Savannah Molinowski
“I had the absolute privilege in getting a chance to read the next book in Brogan and Kyren’s wonderfully exciting relationship! If you were as heart broken as I was by the end of Broken Pieces… you seriously won’t want to miss out on this incredibly thrilling second book Pieced Together.

I was hooked the second I started reading it, literally. Not even exaggerating; and I’m certain, if you loved Brogan, Kyren, Cady, Zade and the rest of the series quirky crew from the first book, you will fall even more in love with them and the adventures they encounter throughout Pieced Together.

It is heart breaking, breath taking, shocking, and so much more. Your heart won’t know whether to break or melt or maybe… a little bit of both! lol”

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