The Brooklyn Series is complete.

“Why isn’t this series a movie yet?” Several readers have asked this question. We would love for it to be a movie, but we need more readers first.

This series is full of suspense, intrigue, and steamy scenes! Fall in love with John and Brooklyn. “They are my new favorite couple.”

Check them all out.

Taking Down Brooklyn 99 cents on Amazon

Taking Back Brooklyn 99 cents on Amazon

New release: Taking Jake Buy on Amazon or read for Free on Amazon

My life was finally perfect. No more cancer, a beautiful girlfriend, and a baby on the way. I couldn’t have been happier…then bam! I’m in a dark dingy cell being held for ransom.

I’m nothing more than a pawn…a bargaining chip for a cure that hasn’t been found. I either have to escape…or become a killer to get out of the hands of the man that my brother put behind bars years ago.

I won’t let him destroy my family and send us all on the run again.

It’s my turn to be the hero.

I can either kill or be killed.

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There are still two more books left in this giveaway.

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