Review at by Anniek

Review by Anniek

Brogan has been traumatized in her past. Ever since that time she hasn’t let anybody come close to her except her best friend and her brother. She lives in a small town and just keeps to herself. One night she goes to a town celebration and there she meets Kyren. He is everything she wants in a man, but Brogan doesn’t want a relationship.

Kyren is mesmerized when he sees Brogan. He knows immediately that she is someone he wants to get close to. Their meeting ends with him crumpled on the floor and Brogan running for the hills. A small town has its advantages and he finds her in no time.

When Kyren and Brogan can’t deny their attraction to one another and grow closer together old demons resurface. Both of them have their own hurt and guilt to work through, but will they manage to work through it together?

In Broken Pieces Kelly Moore writes about how Brogan and Kyren got their scars. You really get to know the characters and it is very easy to connect with them. I could actually feel their pain and sorrow. Pieced Together is about their lives three years later. A lot has happened in the meantime and their story continues.

Brogan and Kyren’s connection is really beautiful. There are some dark events in their pasts which leave them both traumatized. Kelly Moore writes about them with a lot of respect and dignity and I liked her sensitivity. I equally loved both books and think you don’t want to miss these two amazing stories.

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