The Brooklyn Series

Taking Down Brooklyn - Book One

My life was my own. That is until I met B. She was meant to be one night of fun. One night of forgetting my miserable, lonely life. 

I’m a hired killer, a modern-day hero of sorts. 

I’m paid well to take out the bad guys. I take the money, I do the job, no questions asked—until her beautiful face becomes my target.

B suddenly has a name. Brooklyn Warren, the president’s daughter.

The woman who I’ve thought about since the night we were together now becomes my target. She has a bull’s-eye on her head, and a large amount of money is being offered to take her out. But I don’t kill innocent people, and Brooklyn is not only innocent but highly intelligent and trying to save millions of lives.

She’s come up with the cure for cancer and pissed off the mighty pharmaceutical companies. They stand to lose billions of dollars at the hands of a sexy redhead. Her father, being the president of the United States, doesn’t dissuade them from hunting her and threatening him.

Instead of taking the contract to kill her, I rescue her. She, in turn, rescues me from my lonely life.

Keeping her safe is the only thing that matters to me. Her life will save millions, mine will save none. I will risk everything to keep her safe.

Now the hunt is on for both of us. 

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Taking Back Brooklyn - Book Two

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I’ve been dead two years now. Not a physical death, even though I’ve wished for it many times.
It would have been better than the heartache, which was far worse than the torture.
Nothing mattered anymore until I got a glimpse of light.
A picture of my life.
My heart.
My son.
Now getting back to them is my soul purpose, no matter what it takes or who I have to kill.
I will be tested, tried, and broken before I can get my family back, if I survive long enough.
Taking back what is mine, will be well worth the fight. Revenge on the man who took my life away will be sweet.
Taking back Brooklyn will be even better.

If you like bad boys and thrilling reads with an HEA, you will love this story.

Taking Jake

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My life was finally perfect. No more cancer, a beautiful girlfriend, and a baby on the way. I couldn’t have been happier…then bam! I’m in a dark dingy cell being held for ransom.

I’m nothing more than a pawn…a bargaining chip for a cure that hasn’t been found. I either have to escape…or become a killer to get out of the hands of the man that my brother put behind bars years ago.

I won’t let him destroy my family and send us all on the run again.

It’s my turn to be the hero. 

I can either kill or be killed.