Fading Into Nothing

Ever watch your life go by like you’re riding on a carousel?  Wanting it to keep going round and round, only stoping when you reach the best part of your life?

Well, that was me. I wanted to scream STOP, when I got a glimpse of love…of the perfect life where all my dreams could come true. A gorgeous sexy man to spend the rest of my life drooling over. A man that would make me bold enough to take a chance on him…to step away from a life that no longer existed.

Too bad that carousel starts turning again and you can’t freeze that perfect moment in time. Do we only get glimpses or can a love like that be real?

A girl like me, doesn’t deserve the love of a good man, and with the terrible things I’ve done…it would never happen…unless I can become a better version of myself.

STOP the carousel ride! I want off before it all fades into nothing to get a taste of a beautiful life.

All the books in this series are standalones. THEY CAN BE READ IN ANY ORDER

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