Jameson Wilde

Epic Love Stories Book #5

This book is linked to Gypsy. You need to read it first.

Reese is a cutthroat businesswoman…

An overbearing and a cantankerous mess! She’s snarly, blunt, moody, and totally in my face…and I’m ticked off that it turns me on!

I moved to Sausalito to escape the memories of Lyla. I have reasons for living my life the way I do. I enjoy the simple things in life; A job well done, a glass of whiskey, and the occasional piping-hot night tangled in the sheets with no strings attached. I don’t need a beautiful strawberry-blonde princess sticking her nose in my business and pushing every one of my buttons.

I try to run her off, but she fights dirty. She has to leave, it will never work. Too bad I want her to stay.

Jameson Wilde

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