Epic Love Stories Box Set

Epic Love Stories in one complete set! 5 Books!

Say You Won’t Let Go - Keegan & Shay

A soldier who loses his best friend sets out on a mission to keep a promise to him. What he discovers will change his world.

Fading Into Nothing - Maggie & Will

Maggie’s life has been one of desperation until she meets Will on a train. The brief period of time they spend together, gives her a new outlook on life.

Life Goes On - Olivia and Silas

A fairy tale life comes to and end. Olivia is left to pick up the pieces, but gets some help moving on by the last person she ever imagined.

Gypsy - Lyla & Jameson

How do you unbreak the broken? Lyla has known deep tragedy and can’t move on until she meets record producer Jameson Wilde. Their attraction is magnetic, but will it ever heal her?

Jameson Wilde - Jameson & Reese

He wants nothing more than to live his simple life and be left alone. She thunders into his life creating chaos and making him feel things he’d long forgotten. Will she heal him or will he run her off?

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