Cash Davenport

Cash Davenport

Cash - this handsome devil is the brother to Mark Davenport, Lucy’s deceased husband. He’s always had a thing for Luce and now is being forced into her life. Maybe not so forced, he really does love her. His a rich single bachelor that could have any woman that he wanted, so why Lucy? I’m betting he has as many secrets as the rest of his family. His only mission now is to step up and take care of his brother’s family. Or is it?

Height: 6’1″

Birthday: March 10th, Age mid 40’s, Pisces

Hobbies: Lucy and fighting off Roscoe.

Love Interest: Lucy Davenport

Work: Part owner of the Strip Club with Ford.

Parents: Daniel and Elizabeth Davenport

Siblings: Mark

Car: Multiple expensive cars.

Enemies: Most of the Davenports

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