Lucy Davenport

Lucy - the messed up mother of the dysFUNctional Davenport’s. She lost her husband a year ago and it’s taken her this long to get her life back on track. She has an overactive libido (Peaches) who often gets her in more trouble. Lucy talks out loud when Peaches is doing something crazy and it lends for a lot of laughter for Lucy. She struggles with her own dysFUNction and trying to be a good mom. She has way too much going on to stay focused and is easily distracted with booze and men.
Known facts about Lucy:
Height: 5’11”
Birthday: July 27th. Age 48 Leo
Hobbies: Sex addict, loves to drink
Work: Owns TheComicBook Store
Love interests: Cowboy Troy, Cash Davenport
Children: Ford, Gemma, Erik, Evan, Bryant, Bets
Parents: Maxwell & Eleanor Miller, aka…Pops and Yaya
Inlaws: Daniel and Elizabeth Davenport
Car: Porche

Pet: Roscoe (dog)

Enemies: The Inlaws, Marc’s ex-wife and children.

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