Simple Man

What’s being said by Beta Readers about the 9th book in the Whiskey River Road Series?

Simple Man is centered around Ethan and Jane. Readers were so mad at her in Lucky Man. Will you be able to forgive her? Will she become a beloved character again?

“I’m in tears, like ugly crying. I love it, every bit of it. The best thing I’ve read in forever.” Beta Reader

“I’m all teary!!! This book was perfection! Everything about it was emotional. The ending was so wonderfully written. I agree… this is the best book you’ve written.” Beta Reader

She ran away hard and fast to escape a reality she couldn’t face. He was forced to live life without her. Can the rift between them ever be mended? Can he learn to trust her again?

Jane took off without a word, disappearing into the night. She left behind the one man she truly loved. Her misguided thoughts wanted him to move on without her. If she couldn’t give him a child, someone else could. She left town before she knew the truth…and she’ll regret her choice when she finds out.

Ethan is a Simple Man. He knows what he wants and needs. Jane is his heart’s desire and the only woman for him. When she runaways out of the blue, he’s lost and finds himself a single father. What option does he have other than learning to live without his wife?

He searched for her for months before he finally gave up. A year later, after he’d finally figured out how to live on his own as a single dad, he sees her standing in the background during a television interview. Should he go after her or leave well enough alone?

I can’t wait to share this book with readers! I’m totally in love with Ethan and Jane.

Releasing November 2021

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