Whiskey River Road: Coming Home


It was my big day.

The day I’d marry the man of my dreams.
So what stopped me from walking down the aisle to the perfect man? To my happily-ever-after?
I loved him but I ran away.

To what you ask?

A life I thought I wanted. Far away from the only life, I’d known. The only man I’d ever loved.
I was a rebel. It’s my only excuse.
Boone didn’t deserve any of it. He was sweet, protective, and one hot rancher.
He’d make any girl blush just looking at his handsome face.

What a day it was supposed to be.

I never thought I’d see him again but Coming Home after seven years is all I can think about.
I knew little about his life now and was damn sure he wouldn’t want me in it. 
He had to hate me.
I wasn’t prepared for him.
I definitely wasn’t prepared for him to be engaged.

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