The DC Series

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Formerly The Brooklyn Series

#1 Deadly Cures

A modern-day hero… of sorts.

John Remington. A hit man hired to take out the evilest of men. He likes his job. The money. The no-questions-asked contracts. But there’s a turning point in every man’s life. His comes in the form of a beautiful woman being marked for nothing more than a cure she can offer the world. An easy prey becomes his tangled mess. The hit man becomes the hunted. 

He starts a new kind of war against one of the richest companies in the world. The pharmaceutical lions don’t want their secrets or a cure for a terrible disease exposed as it would cost them billions. When he meets the president’s daughter—the target—Remington is forced to question his career and loyalty to men who wouldn’t think twice about taking him out. 

With a bounty on his head, he’ll give up everything to protect her from a deadly conspiracy and the people who will stop at nothing to make sure her cure is never released to the public. Keeping her safe is the only thing that matters. Her life will save millions, and he will die to make sure she stays alive. 

Deadly Cures

#2 Dangerous Captive

Believed to be dead. 

John Remington is resurrected after two years of being held captive by the men who had employed him. They’ve failed in breaking him, but one last secret exposed will either give them what they want…or revenge will become his sole motivation to survive his torture. 

His assassination skills will be perfected, tried, and implemented on innocent people in order for him to be released. He has to prove to them that they’ve broken him and he’ll be loyal to their cause. The target is the President of the United States. The father of the only woman he’s ever loved. The woman he lost his life to save. 

Forced back into the life of a killer, Remington will fight for the things he’s lost and exact his sweet revenge.

Dangerous Captive

#3 Daring Capture

The final revenge is on John Remington’s twin brother, Jake. Their lives had finally settled down, both raising families and completely out of harm’s way. No more killing or running, and no more cancer. Life was damn near perfect until the enemy returned, making Jake their pawn. A bargaining chip for yet another cure that hasn’t been found. The race is on to save his life. 

Held in captivity, Jake’s only options are to either escape his captors or become a killer. Kill or be killed. 

Remington will have to risk his family to save his brother from the same people who held him captive, tortured him, and tried to return him to a life of crime. Their mistake was counting Remington out. They didn’t plan on his willingness to give up his life again for his brother.

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