Whiskey River Road: Wild Ride, Book 5

He’s a tough cowboy. She’s a wild ride and the daughter of his family’s enemy.  Will they let passion win out, or will it tear them to pieces?

Noah was raised apart from his family. Now, he’s trying to fit in with the Calhouns. But fitting in isn’t always easy when you’ve been a loner. A roll in the hay with a gorgeous woman fits his lifestyle. Falling in love was never in his plans.

Molly Granger’s lived a hard, dedicated life to her father. A man she loathes but has pledged her loyalty to—at least by all appearances. Her only focus has been revenge, even at the cost of her own life. Her goal is thrown off-kilter the day she meets Noah in a bar.

The connection between Molly and Noah is raw and intense,  but neither one wants to admit their attraction. A wedge forms between them when Noah finds out her father is enemy number one.

Trapped between desire and vengeance, will they find a middle ground?

Wild Ride is the fifth book in the Whiskey River Road western romance series. If you love quick-witted heroines, angsty relationships, and small-town settings, you’ll adore Kelly Moore’s steamy saga.

Buy Wild Ride and fall in love with a cowboy today!

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