Stolen Hearts (Whiskey River Road) Book 2

Coming January 2020 - Stolen Hearts

If you fell in love with Coming Home, you’ve already met Bear, the 2nd youngest Calhoun sibling. He’s a rancher, lead singer in a local band, and a single father of a sassy little country girl. He’s got a reputation of being a ladies man but he protects his and his daughter’s heart closely. Fall in love with Bear meeting the feisty woman who may change everything for his family.

It was a day like any other on the ranch.

Hard work and no play make for a cranky cowboy. Needing a night out on the town left me sneaking into my father’s house like a teenage boy. 

That was my first mistake of the day. 

The second was playing hero to a damsel in distress that turned out to be no damsel at all, but a sexy, snarky womanwho took me by surprise.

How you ask?

I’d been a ladies’ man.

That is until I became a father.

My rebel days were gone.A six-year-old sassy daughter changed all that for me.

I didn’t need the complicated, messy kind of love stuff. My hands were full.

A mission into town to handle a family issue would make my life more muddled.

The day I met the woman who would steal my heart.

A thief.

A woman on the run.

A woman with one too many secrets.

A woman who I had to save because if I didn’t, I feared she would disappear and take two hearts with her.

I wasn’t prepared for the danger she was in and the decision I’d have to make.

She’d hate me for sure.

I definitely wasn’t prepared for her to leave.

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