The Vineyard, Whiskey River Road, Book 10

Rose Methany grew up on Whiskey River Road along with all the other Calhouns. Ranching was all they ever wanted. She had different dreams, yet she loved the cowboy way of life. Not to mention one specific ruggedly handsome cowboy she secretly fancied years ago. He moved to California, and she moved on with her life—until he shows up out of the blue with his dark, amber-specked eyes, muscled body, and plenty of swagger in his city boy suit. He’d been a bad boy all those years ago, and she wasn’t about to let him derail her now.

Dodge Anderson loved his city life. He’d become a ruthless businessman, gathering his wealth off of other people’s dreams. His next conquest is a woman he used to know. The only woman who’d ever set his heart on fire and scorched him at the same time. All he wants now is money and someone to straddle occasionally.

Rose’s vineyard is off and running, and she has big plans. Dodge’s aim is to buy the vineyard for a low price and sell high to one of his investors. But then he laid eyes on Rose again. He’d forgotten how spirited and gorgeous she was with her fiery red hair. Dodge would have to put his feelings for her aside for his cocky ego in order to get what he wanted, which was her business…not the girl. Or so he told himself.

 Can the country girl and the city boy find a middle ground to work out their true feelings for one another, or will they let the vineyard derail their hearts?

The last book in the Whiskey River Road Series will feature every Calhoun. No questions left unanswered.

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